Welcome! I am Michal Gelbard.

 I spend my time pursuing the integration of nature and craft, forever searching for serendipity in union. My desire is in composing harmonious, sensual, visually alluring works of art.

In my life, I have been lucky to be able to incorporate what I love most into my daily regime. For over twenty-two years I’ve been specializing in creating useable art that integrates practical aesthetics. I craft tools and works of art from clay, often assimilating into these the art of flower arrangement. Creating works in clay is achieved with a wide variety of techniques, some contemporary, some ancient.

 It’s of the utmost importance to me that the natural and the crafted become one single synonymous object, rather than two objects placed together, whether this symbiotic relationship exists between the tableware and the food you eat upon it, or the vase and the flowers you place within it. The coalescences I craft are always discerned with direct attention to every detail, big or small.

 To create, build, and be renewed through useable and non-useable vessels alike, is more than I could ask for in this life. I will forever find joy in taking the natural makings of my day to day and crafting them for you to implement into yours.

 Love always,

Michal ❤