Vases Collection

Where the wild meets the carefully crafted

Tableware Collection

A visual setting for every meal

Flower arrangements for events,
in hand-made pieces

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The Studio

My studio is located in beautiful Ramat Efal, and I draw my inspiration from the wealth of greenery and nature that surrounds me. I am also lucky to be able to literally pluck inspiration every day from my wonderful garden, which is filled with flowers and plants year-round.


The Process

Each and every piece is uniquely handmade and crafted with great love and care. I allow my intuition and my acute eye for aesthetics to sculpt what I see in my mind’s eye, and make it a reality.



Inspiration is everywhere you look. Just open your eyes, unlock your heart, and find it in your everyday surroundings. I find in nature huge inspiration. It is always there, breathing, growing, changing.