Terms & Conditions

Website Terms and Conditions

  1. This website is a virtual store operated by Michal Gelbard for the sale of ceramic artwork and products, all handmade by ceramics artist Michal Gelbard.
  2. All products sold in the store are handmade with care and much love. In light of the individual production process by hand, each product is unique and never wholly identical to another. Products may differ slightly from each other in size, shape, color or material evidence of the work process.
  3. By using this website, the user agrees to all the provisions of these terms and conditions.
  4. This virtual store website may contain links to various and different websites. The store shall not be responsible for any information provided therein nor for any use of it.
  5. All services and products sold on this store’s website are available for purchase for the indicated price, including VAT and excluding delivery costs.
  6. The store shall do its utmost to ensure that the information contained in this website be complete and accurate. However, inadvertent inaccuracies or errors may appear on this website, and the store shall not bear any responsibility in relation to them.


  1. All items shall be shipped to buyers via registered mail (and if shipped abroad – by registered airmail) and delivered by courier to the buyer’s door. You will also receive a tracking code to give you peace of mind as your order makes its way from our warehouse to your home by courier. Please note that some destinations do not allow for courier services. Delivery times shall be subject to any constraints related to the activity of the delivery services agents. The store shall not be responsible for any post office and/or delivery services delays.

Delivery times:

  1. a) In Israel, by courier:
  • In stock: Up to 14 business days.
  • Special order: Up to 23 business days.
  1. b) Abroad, by registered air mail and courier service:
  • In stock: Up to 19 business days.
  • Special order: Up to 28 business days.

Delivery abroad may take longer due to delivery services agents’ constraints.

Business days shall not include Fridays, Saturdays, Holiday eves and festival weekdays (Chol Hamo’ed). When delivering abroad, Sundays shall not be deemed as business days.

Orders shall be delivered after completion of the purchase process and subject to the order being entered and registered within the transaction time indicated in the purchased item’s page, as well as subject to the credit card used for payment being valid, billable and cleared in Israel. The day of the order shall be deemed as the day of the transaction approval by the credit card company.

  1. By performing a purchase transaction on this website, the user declares that he/she is aware of this website’s terms and conditions and of the rules that apply to the purchase of items via this website, and agrees to their application on any purchase.

The store reserves the right to update prices and shipping rates periodically without providing prior notice.

The price that the buyer shall pay for an order shall be the price indicated on this website in relation to the product/s being purchased at the time of the purchase process’ completion and the supply of credit card details.

Total shipping charges shall be visible during the order process and will be charged upon ordering. In cases of installments transactions, the total shipping charges shall be charged with the first installment.

  1. The store, Michal Gelbard, and the operator shall not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused to the user, if caused, as a result of his/her use of this website. For the avoidance of doubt, it is clarified that any service offered on this website is supplied as is; therefore the user shall have no argument, claim or demand against the store, Michal Gelbard, or the operator in relation to the website’s characteristics.
  2. For inquiries, the store can be contacted by phone: 036355335, by email: [email protected], or via the contact page on the website.
  3. Only users aged 18 and over bearing an ID and a valid credit card from a major credit company shall be allowed to perform any purchases on the store’s website.
  4. Any purchase on the website shall be performed via credit card, using a valid credit card issued by a major credit card company operating and enabling clearing in Israel, or via PayPal.
  5. Approval from the credit card company that issued the credit card the user wishes to use to perform a purchase shall be a prerequisite for the store authorizing the purchase transaction. Without prior approval from the credit card company, the purchase shall not be valid.
  6. In order to complete a purchase transaction, the buyer shall be required to provide personal details. Providing personal details shall be a mandatory prerequisite for the purchase transaction.

Mailing and shipping addresses shall be as specified by the buyer on the order form.

  1. The store shall be entitled to subject the delivery of a product to obtaining the signature of the credit card holder on the credit card voucher – after identifying him/her via a suitable identification document – upon delivery of the product.
  2. Without limiting the foregoing, the store shall be entitled to prevent the buyer from purchasing products on the website in case the buyer:
  • intentionally provided incorrect details;
  • carried out an action or omission that harms or may harm the store or any third party, including the website’s clients and offering companies;
  • made use of the store’s services to perform an illegal act or to enable, facilitate, or encourage the performance of such an act;
  • unlawfully refrained from paying the store for purchased products;
  • the credit card in his possession has been blocked or restricted for use in any way.
  1. The store offers on the website products for purchase in the amounts, prices, and terms as it sees fit according to its sole discretion. The store reserves its exclusive right to add and/or remove a product from those offered on the website, and to determine each product’s offered quantity as well as the purchase method and price.
  2. The purchased product being in stock shall be a prerequisite for the authorization of a purchase. Therefore, if the store is unable to provide the product to the buyer due to lack of inventory, the store shall return to the paid amount to the buyer or shall cancel the credit card charge, and in that case, the buyer shall have no claim or demand against the store.
  3. Every product offered for purchase on the website shall be accompanied, at the minimum, by at the following data:
  • The product’s price and possible payment terms.
  • The cost of transport or delivery. In cases where the delivery is requested to remote areas or abroad, the store shall be entitled to subject the delivery to payment for alternative transport, or to refrain from delivering a product to a destination, whether in Israel or abroad, and to cancel the transaction, and all according to its sole discretion.
  • The method and time of delivery – from the day of the credit card company’s approval of the purchase.
  • The product’s general specifications.
  1. When performing the purchase, the buyer shall be required to enter his/her personal information into the system, including name, address, and the number and type of credit card he wishes to use for the transaction. The website operators shall not be responsible for any mistake in the purchase transaction arising from the buyer entering incorrect information, or any information, into the website’s system.
    In case the buyer chooses not to enter his/her credit card details, and prefers to be contacted instead by phone in order to provide his/her credit details, the transaction shall be deemed as complete only after the buyer has provided his/her credit details.
  2. The purchase details and the buyer’s information shall be used by the store for internal purposes only and shall not be given or communicated to any other/third party, except for the transmission of details to the credit card company in order to receive approval to execute the transaction. The buyer agrees for his details to be saved in the store’s data system.
  3. The buyer shall be charged for the product he/she purchased using the credit card immediately following the product’s purchase by him/her and subject to the credit card company’s approval.
  4. The store reserves its right to change these Terms and Conditions and to add and or/remove provisions therein. All purchases shall be subject to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions as applicable and published on the website at that time.
  5. Images of products displayed on the website are for illustration purposes only and shall not be binding.
  6. In case of any mistake in the product’s description, its price, the payment terms accompanying it, its image, or any other detail in relation to it, or to obtaining data from the buyer, the store shall be entitled to cancel the purchase transaction at any time before delivery to the buyer, without being deemed in breach of contract.
  7. Any dispute concerning the purchase transaction shall be brought to the competent court in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, which shall have sole and exclusive jurisdiction.
  8. Any notice to the buyer shall be given according to the information entered by him/her into the system during the purchase. Any said notice sent by mail shall be considered as delivered to the buyer within 7 days from the date it was issued for delivery.
  9. Any product returns shall be done only by prior arrangement with the website and under the following conditions:
  • The products must be new, unused, and in their original packaging, and the packaging must be in its original condition, including all its parts and marks;
  • All items shall be returned within 14 days from being received and accompanied by their original invoice. Items returned without their original invoice will not be accepted and the transaction in their relation shall not be canceled;
  • Product transport fees back to the website’s warehouse shall be paid by the buyer. The buyer shall be responsible for any additional cost in relation to the delivery of the returned items. The buyer shall bear any extra costs arising from any taxes, freight brokerage fees, and transport to other destinations in Israel and/or abroad;
  • In any case of the return of a made to order item purchased by the buyer and delivered by the store, a 25% re-stocking fee on the value of the purchase shall be deducted from the refunded amount, as well as the cost of the original delivery. The buyer shall arrange for the return of the item and shall bear the return costs;
  • For further questions regarding cancellations or returns, or any additional cases not listed above, please contact customer service on tel. no. 036355335 or email: [email protected]
  1. Warranty –

While we take the utmost care in packaging your items for delivery, we understand that sometimes mistakes occur in transit. Should there be any damage or breakage, please report it to us via email or telephone within 3 days in order for you to be eligible for a replacement. Our telephone number is 036355335 and our email address is: [email protected]. We ask that you keep all the packaging materials as well as the damaged or broken pieces, so that you can send us a photo of the same. We will then be able to file a claim and also provide you with a replacement free of charge.

  1. Anyone performing a purchase on the website declares, by performing it, that the email address he/she provided is correct, and that the store shall be entitled to send him/her information on promotions and updates from time to time. The buyer confirms that he/she knows that he /she is under no legal obligation to supply his/her information details, and that he/she supplies such information of his/her own free will and consent, wishing to make a purchase on the website, and consenting to the conditions detailed in it.
  2. By filling in the details on the purchase form, the buyer agrees for the details provided and all data generated on the basis of this information to be kept immediately in the store’s database and/or the database of any party on its behalf. The store shall be allowed to use this information for marketing, advertising, and promotional purposes, including by way of direct mail via different media. This information shall be considered the property of the store, and its use shall not be considered a violation of the buyer’s privacy. The buyer waives any claim regarding the use and/or the ownership of such information, including any claim according to the Privacy Protection Act, 5741 – 1981, and the definition of “Information” according to the Computers Law, 5755 – 1995.
  3. The store undertakes not to make any other use of the customers’ information that is not related solely to the website’s operation and to enable the issue of the buyer’s order.

The store shall not provide the buyer’s details to third parties unless required to do so by order of an official authority or by law. Providing the buyer’s details in order to complete a purchase transaction shall not be included in the stipulated above. Any use of the customer’s information shall be in accordance with the store’s and the website’s privacy policy, which constitutes an integral part of the terms of use and purchase.

  1. All intellectual property rights, including copyright, models, images, practices and trade secrets shall be the sole property of the store. These rights apply, among other things, to the website’s data, including the products list, appearing products descriptions and designs, and any other detail related to the website’s operation.
  • It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, distribute, sell, market and translate any website information, including trademarks, images, and texts, design products, and/or any other detail that appears on the website, without obtaining prior and written permission from the store.
  • It is forbidden to make any use, commercial or otherwise, of the data published on the database, the products lists in it, or any other details published in it, without the store’s and/or the website’s managers prior and written consent.
  • It is forbidden to copy and use, or allow others to use in any manner whatsoever any website content for any purpose.
  • It is forbidden to run or allow to run any application or other means including software such as Crawlers, Robots, etc., for the purposes of searching, scanning, copying, or automatic content retrieval from the website.
  • it is forbidden to create and use the means above in order to create a collection, compilation, or database that will include content from the website.
  • It is forbidden to display any of the website’s content within a frame, whether visible or hidden.
  • It is forbidden to display any of the website’s content in any way, including via any software, device, accessory or communication protocol that changes its design on the website or removes content from it, especially advertisements and commercial content.